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Hello Aspirants!! Welcome to the Online English Section with explanation. This quiz has been specially coined for upcoming Exams. Attempt and analyze your preparation!

Directions (1-5) -Four words are highlighted in each sentence marked as (A), (B), (C) , (D) and (E). Identify which word in each sentence is grammatically or contextually incorrect. If all are correct, mark “all are correct” as your answer.

*(A)* A new commodity *spawns* a *lucrative*, fast-growing industry, *prompting* antitrust regulators to *step in* to restrain those who control its flow. A century ago, the resource in question was oil. *(B)* Now *similar* *issues*are *being* raised by the giants *that* deal in data, the oil of the digital era. These titans Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft look unstoppable. They are the five most valuable listed firms in the world. Their profits are surging: they collectively racked up over $25bn in net profit in the first quarter of 2017. Amazon captures half of all dollars spent online in America. Google and Facebook accounted for almost all the revenue growth in digital advertising in America last year.

*(C)* Such *dominance* has *prompted*calls for the tech giants to be *broken down*, as Standard Oil was*in the early 20th century. This newspaper has argued against such drastic action in the past. Size alone is not a crime. The giants’ success has benefited consumers. Few want to live without Google’s search engine, Amazon’s one-day delivery or Facebook’s newsfeed. Nor do these firms raise the alarm when standard antitrust tests are applied. Far from gouging consumers, many of their services are free But there is cause for concern. Internet companies’ control of data gives them enormous power. *(D)* Old ways of *thinking*about competition, *devised* in the era of oil, *looks outdated*in what has come to be called the *data economy*. A new approach is needed.

What has changed? (E) Smartphones and the internet have made data *abundant*, *ubiquitous* and far *more* *available* than oil ever was. Whether you are going for a run, watching TV or even just sitting in traffic, virtually every activity creates a digital trace more raw material for the data distilleries. Meanwhile, artificial-intelligence (AI) techniques such as machine learning extract more value from data. Algorithms can predict when a customer is ready to buy, a jet-engine needs servicing or a person is at risk of a disease.
a) spawns
b) lucrative
c) prompting
d) step in
e) All are correct
a) similar
b) issues
c) being
d) that
e) All correct
a) dominance
b) prompted
c) broken down
d) was
e) all correct
a) thinking
b) devised
c) looks outdated
d) data economy
e) all correct
a) abundant
b) ubiquitous
c) more
d) available
e) all correct
A – All are correct,
B – issues, (it should be issue)
C – Broken down (it should be broken up),
D – looks (it should be look) ,
E – available should be replaced with any other word.

Directions (1-5) -The Following questions have two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1) As many as fifteen people had ________ me at the security check when I was travelling from Delhi _______ San Francisco.
a) Approached, to
b) Perceived, from
c) Accosted, to
d) Assumed, from
e) None of these 

2) People avoid eating non-vegetarian food _______ there is excess protein and fat that may be ____________ for a good health.
a) because, pernicious
b) as, productive
c) since, harmful
d) as, noxious
(e) None of these

3) Indian economy has seen many __________ but this one will surely sound the death _______ for us.
a) deviation, bed
b) downturns, knell
c) fluctuations, alarm
d) anomaly, siren
(e) None of these. 

4) This biography we are given a glimpse of the young man ……….. pursuing the path of the poet despite ……….. and rejection slips.
a) doggedly, disappointment
b) relentlessly , encouragement
c) meekly, awards
d) successfully, acclaim
e) None of these

5) An essential purpose of the criminal justice system is to enable purgation to take place; that is, to provide a  ……….. by which a community expresses its collective  ……….. the transgression of the criminal
a) catharsis, outrage at
b) decals, forgiveness of
c) decorum, distaste for
d) document, disapprobation of
e)  None of these
1) c); Accost means to approach someone with an allegation or blame, so 3rd option is the most appropriate one.
2 c); Harmful-not good for health, so 3rd option is most appropriate one
3. b); downturns means- a decline in economic, knell means -the sound of a bell , so 2nd option is most appropriate one
4. a) doggedly means very determined to do something; disappointment, , so 1st option is most appropriate one
5. a) catharsis means the process of releasing strong emotions  outrage at means reaction of anger or shock, , so 1st option is most appropriate one

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